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1st Road Trip – Day 2 (Going to Utah/Cal Football Game)

Actually Marketing and Promoting begins. 

We started off early buying coffee from Starbucks and then driving all the way to the KOA in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Since this was our first RV trip, we had a lot to learn.  Last night we turned on the generator – only having it shut down after 15 minutes.  Today, we were determined to hook up the RV correctly so that we had electricity, heat, and water.  Arriving at the KOA, we asked for the maintenace dude to give us a RV-hook-up 101.  We had a brief black water incident (see video) – black water means shit water for those who were not familiar with the term.  We showered, organized our things, and then headed off to the Utah-California football game. 

We were unclear how to approach promoting Eventsfy at a college football game, but we had some thought in mind – beer pong, keg stands, tequila shots, labels out, etc.  We arrived at Rice Eccles Stadium at 6pm, an hour and a half before the game.  We immediately went to the least obvious place to go – the tailgating parking lot… OK, maybe it was the obvious place to go. 

Turing into the tailgating parking lot, we were met by two parking attendants who denied us access.  We pushed our luck a bit more but was still denied.  On we went to find alternatives….

We began driving around the stadium attracting attention to our moving billboard – the RV.  When I say attracting attention, I mean honking the horn multiple times.  We were determined to drive up to the front of the stadium and then to park there – kinda thinking that this wouldn’t be possible.  So after finally driving to the front of the stadium with thousands of people walking to the game, we were quite surprised that there was an area to park right in the front.  We were a little apprehensive at first to just park in the front of a “no parking” area…but we did it anyway. 

We were able to park and advertise Eventsfy for about a half hour in the front of the stadium handing out flyers to the masses – see video.  All-in-all, after an initially difficulty marketing day, it turned out to be a pretty good one.

We ended the night at Red Iguana Mexican restaurant.  A MUST GO if you ever visit Salt Lake City. 


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First Marketing Road Trip – Day One (Driving to Salt Lake, UT)

Experience The Arts, Today!

Initially, the plan was to leave two weeks earlier; then a week ago; and then Friday (the 26th) at 9am.  Well…the journey was delayed once again.  We had a little bit of a Scooter issue.  Actually, a hitching of the scooter issue – trying to securely strap it down with the newly, hastily scooter-hitch purchase from Amazon.  After feeling a reasonable amount of confidence that the scooter wouldn’t fly-off and kill another motorist, we ventured off around noon.  First stopping at WrapJax in Tacoma to finish the front of the wrap of the RV.  Due to our late arrival at WrapJax (cause the scooter thing) and the good old Seattle rain, WrapJax was not able to finish the front wrap for us.  Instead, we were given the wrapping material to finish the front wrap, which we will attempt  once we settle in and get some good weather.

Even though we got off to a very late start, Moses (Operations Guy) and I were able to truck it all the way to Boise, ID – staying at an RV camp called Walmart.  Really!  Walmart allows RVs to stay for free in their parking lots.  I guess the purchases from all the stay-the-night RVers justifies this… In any case, thanks for the free-night of pavement Walmart!  Maybe I will shop there now.

Til tomorrow,

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Our First Marketing Road Trip – The Journey Begins

Our Newly Wrapped RV for our New Company -Eventsfy!

After six years in the ideas generation stage, we are FINALLY, REALLY embarking on this business endeavor that consolidates a comprehensive listing of “Live Arts Events” (Music, Theatre, Comedy, Art Galleries, Open Mic, Youth/Children) – we call it “Experience The Arts.”  So what’s in it for YOU?  Anywhere you are – whether traveling around the country or at home in your city – you can easily find each city’s art experiences at our website

Experience the Arts, Today!

Aspiring Artists throughout the United States can list and promote themselves and/or their unique events at no cost.  We hope to increase awareness and exposure to aspiring artists so that we all increase our perspectives on life.

We want to increase attendance to all “Art Experiences” around the United States and we ask for your support to help us build this community that focuses on these experiences in the United States.  Everyone can help by encouraging your friends/relatives who want to perform but never had a platform to market themselves like Eventsfy.

Come to our site and help us build a Renaissance 2.0 –!

Stay tuned for our upcoming RV-road trip that will commence this Friday (Oct 23rd) along the West Coast to promote our company to the world – ending at the Seattle Times.  We’ll see if Seattle Times buys into our mission or not to run our story.  Please wish us luck and we so much appreciate all the support we have received thus far!

Best Regards,

David Richardson & The Eventsfy Team