2013 NW Folklife Festival – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again…

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Eventsfy’s 1st Festival: Folklife 2013 – Seattle, WA

Since this is our first year participating in music festivals to spread the word of eventsfy, we missed the deadlines for applying to the many festivals in the Northwest—deadlines typically were six months or more prior to the festival (seems quite excessive)…

Determined to participate at this year’s Folklife festival in Seattle with or without a reserved-and-designated booth for our company—eventsfy—we drove the eventsfy bus (aka ‘Shrek’) to the Folklife festival on opening day Friday, May 24th, eventually finding a parking space around the perimeter of the festival grounds next to an “information booth.”  After parking ‘Shrek,’ I confidently (without any reason) approached the information booth to ask for a parking pass.  The information-booth attendant lady—perplexed and quizzically looking at me—asked if we paid for a parking pass.  I politely stated that we didn’t but we NEED one.  She quickly informed me that all parking has been sold out.  Undeterred, I asked her to contact her supervisor and she radioed her (the supervisor).

A few minutes later, the supervisor lady came to speak with me and to inform me that there wasn’t anymore room at the inn…(biblical reference)…there wasn’t anymore room at the festival.  However, this supervisor lady was in communication with another person over her radio stating there wasn’t any room at the festival…so, naturally (or maybe unnaturally), I asked the supervisor lady, who is ACTUALLY saying NO to me and can I speak with them personally.  The supervisor lady reluctantly asked over the radio if her supervisor would like to come speak with me…after a relatively long pause, the voice over the radio said he would come.

Ten minutes went by and still no 2nd level supervisor arrived.  I asked the 1st supervisor if I was wasting my time—thinking this 2nd level supervisor was brushing us off.  Just when I felt defeated and about to leave, three gentlemen—led by Chandler—approached me by ‘Shrek.’  I explained to Chandler and Co. the eventsfy story and they all seemed intrigue and eager to help us find a parking spot not only around the festival perimeter but also inside the festival to participate as a sponsor.  Chandler told me he would have the Development Director contact me about potentially setting us up with a location.

Later on Friday, May 24th the Development Director, Phil O’Sullivan contacted me and he couldn’t have been more helpful with finding us a location to promote eventsfy.  On Saturday, Phil and the Folklife team placed ‘Shrek’ and our team right smack in front of Key Arena.  We had a wonderful experience talking with so many festival goers about eventsy—piquing much interest.  Realizing that foot traffic was a little light in front of Key Arena, we asked if we could move to a more trafficked area…Again, Phil and the team were so professional and efficient with providing us another location within the festival grounds that had much more foot traffic.  Thank you guys so very much for making our experience at the 2013 NW Folklife so wonderful—we felt a great camaraderie and so welcomed with the whole team!

On Sunday and Monday we worked hard spreading the word to the masses—persevering through the many “not interested” remarks… One of the highlights of our experience happened when my previous MBA professor, Bill Weis, along with his singing quartet group—KlapaDooWapella—stopped by the eventsfy location to perform several songs to the festival goers.  All-in-all, we couldn’t have asked for a better first-time festival experience.

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