1st Road Trip – Day 12 (visiting San Diego State University)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

Election Day… Today, we briefly stopped by a Printing Shop on the San Diego State University campus to print a recently taken photo of us in front of the RV to hand out to the venue directors so that we hope to differentiate ourselves from others—photo above.  After getting our picture printed, we realized the vast traffic of college students going to class.  We felt compelled to illegally park our RV in the middle of the heavy foot traffic to hand out fliers and promote Eventsfy—place was a gold mine.  College students were quite receptive and engaged with what we were doing.

Later, we visited many venues in the San Diego and had many encouraging conversations and contacts.  We ended the night at Croce’s Jazz Club—where the manager got us in for free.  We watched and spoke with the Jazz singer/artist Steph Johnson, who thoroughly entertained us.  Until tomorrow…

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