1st Road Trip – Day 13 (meeting drum lady)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

Last night on our walk home back to the RV—parked right on the city streets—Moses went to buy some water at the store and I continued the walk to the RV with the RV key in my pocket.  However, I somehow got lost on the journey back to the mobile motel; meanwhile, Moses was left in front of the RV—locked out.  After 20 minutes waiting for my arrival with the key, Moses got impatient and made some aerobatic attempts to climb through the window—finally, achieving success at the expense of some bruised up knees.

We woke up several times in the night to some street construction—probably a jackhammer—and then ventured off to the San Diego beach area to visit more venues.  We visited The Comedy Store—the longest running show in San Diego—and then ended the night at Winstons watching a comedy show competition.  The show was entertaining and funny—we spoke with one of the comedians, Dawn B, and she was a riot.

We parked the RV along the street by the beach and we’re woken to a clinically insane (literally) lady banging on the RV.  I confronted her outside and divulged my dislike of her banging on the RV.  She said she was wondering who we were and that she is a drummer…I realized now that she was just trying to show us her talent…

There was a police officer driving by and he stopped as I explained what was happening.  He told me he could take the lady to the insane asylum but he preferred not to—apparently, this is a common scene with this lady.  He told me she was harmless and I agreed not to have him take her away.

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