1st Road Trip – Day 15 (visiting LA Beach Area Venues…tough)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

After a good 15 hours sleep from last night, we ventured off to the LA beach area—starting in Manhattan Beach and ending in Santa Monica—visiting nearly 25 venues.  Through this trip, we’ve found greater success with connecting with venue directors later in the day—after 1pm.  Many of the venues have late shows; therefore, coming in early isn’t a priority for some.

We had good conversations with many individuals in charge of their respective venues.  Our favorite stop for the day was at the Highways Theatre in Santa Monica, CA.  The place is an intimate venue for experiencing new, innovative works of music, theatre, and art.  Leo Garcia, the artistic director, gave us a personal tour and we very much appreciated it.

At the end of the day, we were able to meet up with a great friend, Dan Miller, and had a few good laughs…

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