1st Road Trip – Day 16 (This is LA!)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today, we embarked on a very ambitious agenda—visiting over 25 venues around Los Angeles.  We realized going later in the day was more successful, but this required our having to be ever-more efficient since the workday has been condensed.

You really don’t understand how many Art venues/theatres there are until you seek them out—LA area has a plethora of them (and they’re very sprawled out!).  We spent a good amount of time in Hollywood—repeating endlessly the Pretty Woman quote “Welcome to Hollywood where everybody’s got a dream—HEY Mister, What’s Your Dream?!”

We fell short of finishing our list by two venues, but we still felt satisfied with what we accomplished.  After a very tiring day, we had a nice dinner with Moses’s cousin and her boyfriend—Christina and Theo—at a solid Thai restaurant.

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