1st Road Trip – Day 17 (California Road’s are bankrupted)

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Today, we left the LA area for San Francisco.  In an attempt to save money, the past two nights we stayed on the side of the streets avoiding the RV parks nightly costs.  We were definitely due for another RV hook up at the RV parks, so that we could fill up on water, charge up devices, and flush out any unwanted build up…

Driving on the California Freeway/Highway System from LA to San Fran had to be the worst driving experience we’ve had with the RV—newly named Shrek.  The roads are so poorly taken care of that we are quite sure we blew a shock or two.  Good grief…when people always say California is bankrupt, this is a tell-tale sign of the repercussions of how a great state deteriorates.

After a very rough trek, we made it into Pacifica’s RV Park (next to San Fran) and settled in.

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