1st Road Trip – Day 18 (Beautiful San Fran!)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

Yesterday, we settled into an RV park in Pacifica, California right next to San Francisco.  Today was supposed to be an uneventful day of hours upon hours of administrative work, yet the day turned out much more interesting.  After putting in a good 12 hours of tedious behind-the-scenes work, the coffee shop—Chit Chat—that we were working at, unbeknownst to us, became an impromptu comedy show that presented both aspiring and established artists led by ring-leader Lynn Ruth Miller (79 years old!).  See Lynn Ruth Miller on Britain’s Got Talent at http://youtu.be/Wze9Wd_Jp2U

I watched the comedians hone their craft in front of a smaller yet intimate crowd.  Afterwards, the comedians sat down to discuss ways to improve their approach at their next show and we were fortunate to get an interview and exchange contacts.

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