1st Road Trip – Day 20 (Jamming in San Francisco!)

Building a Community for Live Arts!

We started the day by visiting our new comedian friend, Lynn Ruth Miller (www.lynnruthmiller.com), whom we met yesterday at her house so that we could assist her registering and adding events on www.eventsfy.com.  She is quite interesting and entertaining—at age 79 she is doing stand-up comedy shows four to five times a week!!  Amazing how vibrant and sharp her mind is at her young age of 79.

After visiting our new friend, we headed off to downtown San Francisco to visit many venue directors/managers.  We initially got off to a late and slow start with our marketing, but eventually ended the day strong by visiting almost 20 venues around the city.  From our video, you can see that we were serious and focused the entire day.

We ended the night at Rassales Jazz Club on the inundated “cultural” Fillmore Street—listening and then later talking with the highly talented jazz musicians Rodney Byrd & Co. (see video for footage).

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