1st Road Trip – Day 3 (promoting in Salt Lake, UT)

This trip is a trial & error process – we try and we have many errors… But – and this is the most important point – we still try.  Our motto is adapting and progress.  If we improvise to the many challenges we face, we adapt; if we make any inroads with anyone, we make progress.  As David Spade’s “Joe Dirt” Character would say, “we keep on keeping on!” 

We got up this moring and embarked on visiting the many Art Venues in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We drove the mobile billboard (this would be the RV) to the city center; parked; unhitched the scooter; and then rallied off to the various venues to talk with venue directors – Moses on foot and I on the scooter.

So I got my hot-rod harley (actual an inexpensively bought scooter over the internet) down from the hitch on the RV, placed my iPhone in the make-shirt GPS/iPhone holder so that I knew where to go, and then drove off to the first stop.  Reazling early on that Sunday wasn’t going to be very productive day (we were in Mormon Capital for all – the city goes to church), I decided – instead of meeting with venue managers – to try to strategically place our beautifully designed brochures (designed by Imelda Loei!) on the right-side of the main entrace door (tapping them up) so that a venue manager may notice it.  With the maneverable scooter, I would drive on sidewalks, sidestreets, and other walkways with no problem.  We visited many venues this day spreading the Eventsfy name.

We keep on keeping on,

David Richardson & The Eventsfy Team

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