1st Road Trip – Day 4 (following up)

Yesterday, we saw a lot of action as we went around SLC and passed out flyers to the local theaters and hotels.  We decided to make today a work-from-home day.  The first thing we did was follow up with various venue directors that we left brochures for the day before.  We emailed each of the venue directors and explained who we are and sent them a link of their venue that we had created on Eventsfy. 

Many venue directors wrote back to us and expressed their interest in Eventsfy.   After a morning filled with email exchanges, we drove to the University of Utah to meet with the arts department director.  We ended the night at a local sports restaurant called Maxell to watch Monday Night Football and had great service from Jill and Kirsten—however, we must admit, we were the only customers in the joint by 9pm. 

David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

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