1st Road Trip – Day 6 (going to Phoenix Sun’s game)

I had a miserable night sleeping—battling food-sickness from yesterday’s cheeseburger.  In any case, I kept on keeping on… After waking up from all the truckers parked next to us at our hastily makeshift sleeping arrangements (basically, a open dirt area that truckers stop to sleep), we finished the remaining two hours to Phoenix to settle in at the Desert Edge RV Park. 


Upon arriving, we quickly freshened up at the RV-Park’s amenities and then headed off to do some work at a local coffee shop next to the US Airways Arena so that we could market to the crowd heading there later that evening for the First Phoenix Sun’s game of the season.


Quite surprisingly, the Phoenix Sun’s crowd was fairly sparse for the game-opener.  But, in any case, we handed out and spoke with many people.  We even met a character and talented musician—George—next to the Arena playing his guitar and singing.  He will undoubtedly be promoting his events on our website.  Good luck George!


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