1st Road Trip – Day 8 (promoting Eventsfy in Phoenix)

We embarked on an ambitious day of activity—meeting with 15 different venue directors in the heart of Phoenix.  Before exploring Phoenix, we just never knew how large the Live Arts community was.  There were about ten Live Arts venues within a miles radius.

With an ample amount of assertiveness, we bypassed many of the gatekeepers to the venue directors.  However, sometimes we weren’t successful and had to settle for only a business card—which, of course, we will follow up.

Moses and I had many differing strategies with our approach to the venue directors—many times leading to lively debates between us with no one else there to resolve which course to pursue…eventually, Moses and I built some compromises with our approach and we continue to try to refine our strategy.

After the long and productive day making contacts, we headed back to the Great Desert Edge RV Park.

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