Improving our users’ experience!

For those who haven’t ever been involved with creating a premium website, let us just say that much is involved.  Creating a website from scratch—you first must understand what value you want to provide the user, and then how best to provide this value.  First is the strategy, which for us has taken many years to evolve; and second is the execution, which is laying down the correct technological foundation and adding the appropriate features so that the website achieves—as closely as possible—the intended value to all the users.  The intricacies involved are infinite.

Many of the changes that we have been making lately on our website have been enhancing our website to run more smoothly so that errors and any problems navigating our website decrease—we want the best possible experience for our users to easily find Live Arts Events that are relevant for them.

As stated before, please stay tuned for increased performance, intuitiveness, and appearance.  Also, this year we will be rolling out our first mobile app!

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