Our Mission

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Mission Statement
Provide the most informative and complete centralized platform for Live Arts events so that fans can make quick, informed decisions to attend a show.  We seek to bring greater public awareness to Live Arts events so that society is sees new perspectives of life.  Our goals and objectives are identical with that of Artists and Venues’ goals.

How we fulfill our Mission:
We provide a centralized platform that lists Live Arts events throughout the United States, so that fans can easily find events with relevant and pertinent information to make a informative decision.  We provide a platform for Artists and Venues to easily list their events for greater public exposure and awareness.  With our intuitive and complete website, we enrich people’s lives by increasing public awareness and attendance to these Live Art events, so that we all see new perspectives of life.  We break down barriers so that talented Artists can be more easily and fairly exposed.  We empower artists and fans with a platform to communicate their wants, needs, and desires.

Eventsfy’s Principles of Business Conduct:

Honesty                    Integrity                    Transparency                  Fairness

Empathy                   Courage                   Humility                           Faith

Accountability           Service                     Simplicity                        Free Will

Temperance               Karma

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