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June, 2015


Eventsfy – The Guide to Live Arts & Entertainment

Eventsfy provides a central platform to easily discover upcoming live entertainment of music, comedy, theater, plays, art exhibitions, and art festivals in the United States.  We allow artists, venues, promoters, and users to easily post upcoming events on our website for free.  We not only showcase these live events on our website for greater exposure but also feature the most live events in the United States. We are an extremely passionate team that believes the Arts—live entertainment of music, theater, comedy, plays, art shows—can greatly enhance our perspectives of theRead More

Thoroughly Modern Millie | The Taylor Performing Arts Center (Monrovia)

Journey Back to the 1920s! The concept of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” took root as an Academy Award-winning movie in 1967, which was penned by Richard Morris with Julie Andrews & Mary Tyler Moore as ingénues. It was later revised for the stage, more than ten years back, by Mr. Morris and Dick Scanlan, and there were some additions to the score by Jeanine Tesori. It has been extremely popular on Broadway ever since it made its debut in 2002 with Sutton Foster in the title role, who received numerous accoladesRead More

On the Town | Foxwoods Theatre (New York)

Let’s Go Out on the Town! Several decades back, it was a bleak and dismal time for everyone due to the World War II. The dark cloud, which had settled over people, seemed to be at a standstill, as it continued to bring forth a plethora of grief, loss, and despair. It was during this time, when the original version of the musical called “On the Town” opened on Broadway.   Young and fresh… “On the Town”, hosted by the Foxwoods Theatre in New York, has received praise for theRead More

The Mentalist | Frederic Da Silva (Jubilee Theater – Las Vegas)

Ready for some Mind-Reading? The concept of a mentalist has been around for ages, but this unique talent was often dismissed as a carnival act and sometimes the performer was deemed a fraud as well. No one believed in the fable of a person who could correctly guess your Christian name, or describe the contents in your wallet without moving from his position or touching you in any way. A test of self-confidence and talent… Even though several phonies and con artists pretend to be mentalists in order to extortRead More

Walnut Street Theatre Presents: Memphis

“Memphis” – A Truly Thought Provoking Chronicle Who would have thought that a white DJ playing “race music” would take the world by storm one day? Back in the 1950s the term “race music” was used for songs by African Americans who belted out rock-and-roll and blues. Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips took a revolutionary step towards demolishing the color barrier in the world of radio by becoming one of the first white DJs to play such tunes. Enter “Memphis”… Inspired by the same theme, Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia isRead More

City of Angels | Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire

Real or Imaginary – Which World is Better? The Marriott Theater in Lincolnshire is poised to host the award-winning 1989 Broadway hit, “City of Angels,” and if the claims by director Nick Bowling are true, the audience is in for a spectacular experience beginning in mid-June, and continuing for the next few months. Set in the 1940s, this musical is touted to be a film noir on stage. Movies such as “Double Indemnity” and “The Big Sleep” were quite popular during that time when crime potboilers ruled the roost, whichRead More

Dirk Arthur’s Wild Illusions Now showing at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas

Illusion or Reality – Can you tell the Difference? Illusionists have a very difficult job – not only is it nerve-wracking to perform in front of hundreds, but they also need to convince the audience regarding the authenticity of illusions, or else they will be booed off the stage. Magician Dirk Arthur is a renowned illusionist who has been in showbiz for over 2 decades. He has appeared on national television and starred in his own widely acclaimed primetime special “Big Cat Magic” on Animal Planet. Why is Wild IllusionsRead More