The Breman Museum (Atlanta, GA)

Travel Back to the Holocaust Era  at the Breman Museum

Learn all about the Holocaust and the experience of Jews in Georgia at the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, situated in the Selig Center in midtown Atlanta. A hub of fascinating cultural artifacts, archives, souvenirs, and related items from Jewish history.

The Breman Museum: A Brief history and inception

The museum opened its doors in 1996, and is currently the largest of its kind in the Southeast. The name “Breman” pays homage to the well-known Atlanta businessman and philanthropist who was instrumental in endowing several other religious, educational, and social service agencies for the Jewish community of Atlanta. The Lillian and A. J. Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education housed here offers the Annual Summer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust and a bureau comprising survivors and educators who speak at mostly at schools.

What is there to see at the Breman Museum?

The museum has two of the most famous and permanent exhibitions – Creating Community: The Jews of Atlanta from 1945 to the Present and Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years 1933-1944. Quite a lot of programs and special tours are organized just like the event on the 8th of October, 2015, where the focus is on the Holocaust exhibition, designed by Benjamin Hirsch, a child survivor of the Holocaust and an Atlanta architect. Creating Community is a joint collaboration between Breman Museum and Atlanta History Center.

What can you expect from the Breman Museum?

The museum’s primary objective has always been to celebrate Jewish culture, and promote diversity and social justice, which is wonderfully accentuated via the Holocaust exhibition. Check out the current special exhibition, “Where The Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak In His own Words and Pictures”, where you can see glimpses of Sendak’s life and some of his most popular work consisting of preliminary sketches, finished artwork and interactive exhibits. You must also visit the Museum Library and Ida Pearle and Joseph Cuba Community Archives and Genealogical Center for Southern Jewish History. These archives contain more than 2,000 manuscripts and 15,000 photographs, ever since its inception in 1985.

There are a myriad of miscellaneous items collected and preserved from Jewish families in Georgia. The Jewish Cemetery Association of Georgia is also worth a mention, which is a list of cemeteries and burial sites.  The Breman has always portrayed the relationship between minority and majority cultures in a positive way, while encouraging individuals to make decisions for the society by looking at the bigger picture. To learn more about the breman, click here.



KidLitCon 2015 | The Hyatt Place (Baltimore)

The KidLitCon 2015 is Here!

We come across so many gatherings, seminars, and conferences when it comes to book launches and promotions for adults, but the scope for children’s books is severely limited. People are gradually warming to the idea, but more needs to be done. KidLitCon strives to make a difference by hosting a meet comprising bloggers who talk about kids’ and young adult books with numerous librarians, authors, teachers, parents, booksellers, publishers, and readers joining in.

What is KidLitCon?

This event deals exclusively with books of a particular genre. The attendees, despite loving children’s’ books, are also heavily involved in promoting the right books for young minds. Common topics of discussion might include the dynamic between publishers and bloggers, pros and cons of penning critical reviews, and combating blogger burnout. It is a fantastic platform to network with like-minded indviduals who share their love for children’s literature.

What can you expect this year?

According to a notice sent to publishers, the focus this year will be on the criteria of a good children’s book, professional blogging tips, career development sessions, celebrating authors and illustrators who are attendees, and talk to judges involved in different award programs. Keeping in line with the theme of 2014, diversity will occupy a significant portion of the conference. Sheila Ruth and Paula Willey of Wands and Worlds and respectively, are the co-organizers for 2015. Even though the main events are on Saturday, some sessions will be conducted on Friday too, and since the dates clash with Columbus Day weekend, a tour day is being planned on Sunday for those who can stay back. It is a great opportunity to visit this wonderful city and check out historic landmarks, including some that will pique your literary interest. The Cybil Awards are also turning a decade old, so there might be some sort of celebration for that as well.

The Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor has garnered a lot of praise as a top-class hotel with amazing facilities. The Kidlitcon 2015 is being held there because of amenities like built-in AV in meeting rooms, spacious guest rooms with ample scope for sharing, Wi-Fi, and so on. The prices are quite reasonable and if you are lucky, you might get a significant discount too!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spots today!