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November, 2015


Maria Rita

The Legacy of Talent Continues Everyone who hears the name of Maria Rita instantly recalls her as one of Brazil’s pioneer singers, with so much to her credit, including 7 Latin Grammys. However, this legendary singer almost didn’t realize that music was what she was meant to do! A rebel by nature; she refused to be associated with music. The rebel within The story is quite interesting, though. Her rebellious ideas developed as she was the daughter of Brazilian pop legend Elis Regina. After her mother’s death in 1982, people sympathizedRead More

El Guero

Lose Yourself in Duranguense Music One of the reasons why duranguense music has gained popularity outside the Mexican-American community in the United States is because of Jorge Hernández, more famously known as El Guero, and the leader of the band Guero y Su Banda Centenario. The Grammy award winner has been instrumental in familiarizing people with the duranguense genre. A star rises El Guero’s parents were Mexican immigrants from the state of Jalisco, and even though he came from humble beginnings, his talent clearly shone through via guitar, piano, drums,Read More