Things To Do Near Me (Chicago)

Wondering what to do while Visiting Chicago? Or maybe you just need some fun new date ideas… Either way, expanding y our horizons can be an interesting opportunity to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of a city. Chicago does not disappoint when it comes to options for entertainment.

If you’re looking for for live events, such as concerts, art, comedy, music, theater, etc.. check out our local events calendar. But if you’re looking for other date ideas, or fun things to do near you, check out some of these awesome attractions.

Oak Street

There are various high-end stores and shops here. Whatever you want, be it designer wear or personalized accessories, this place has ‘em all! Oak Street is a kind of ensemble market where you can purchase home furnishings, jewelry, art, music, shoes, and just about anything you can think of! In addition to stores and boutiques, this place has loads of salons and spas where you can spend ample time pampering yourself after a long day of shopping!

Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

This museum will be an unusual and exciting experience for the family. A lapidary is a term for an artist who creates decorative items and art by using gems and minerals creatively.  Two floors of this museum contain some of the finest lapidary exhibits, with the top floor, which is a hands-off area, having the most captivating ones. However, kids will get ample opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the elements of gems and minerals downstairs. The location of the museum is also great as it is located in the middle of a beautiful park, where you can take walks and have a leisurely time.

The City of Aurora

Situated about an hour away from the city, this is a perfect chance for the whole family to spend some quality time away from the noise and hustle bustle of the city. The Sci-Tech Hands-On Museum is filled with interesting things to do and exhibits on each floor. This place is referred to as the charming suburb of science fun. An added attraction is the free zoo right in the middle of an amazing park.

Gene Siskel Film Center

This newer theater was renamed after the late film critic in 2000. Situated right across the famous Chicago Theatre, it is presently the sole movie theater in the loop area in downtown Chicago. This venue is renowned for being one of the major art-house showcases in the city. Film festival screenings often take place along with a mixture of classics, independents and more high-profile art films.


There is a 24-course tasting menu by owner and master chef Grant Achatz, which takes around 5 hours to finish. The cuisine here is Contemporary American and Achatz is simply a culinary wizard and his experiments with food ingredients and presentation is what makes the place famous. Imagine truffle-juice ravioli with melted leek and bison with multiple preparations of Iranian pistachios.


Things To Do Near Me (Austin, TX)

Austin’s attractions are suitable for all age groups. For example, the city has an abundance of green space, sp active travelers can bike in Zilker Park and swim in Barton Springs Pool before an evening of bat-watching at the Congress Avenue Bridge. However, you will be swamped with different options.

If you’re looking for for live events, such as concerts, art, comedy, music, theater, etc.. check out our local events calendar. But if you’re looking for other date ideas, or fun things to do near you, check out some of these awesome attractions.

Baylor Street Art Wall

This is one of those stops that uniquely capture the essence of Austin. Once slated to be a condo project that ended up not materializing, the concert foundation has become a canvas for local graffiti artists. It is constantly changing, just like the city. While visiting, be sure to climb to the top to get a great view of the city.


Roam the City in an Electrified Manner

Rocket Electrics gives you a one-of-a-kind way to explore the city. These are not your regular ol’ bikes. They’re electric powered so when you need some extra oomph, no peddling necessary. You can rent them to explore on your own or take a tour – choice is yours!

Explore 6th Street

A trip to the “Live Music Capital of the World” wouldn’t be complete without discovering some of Austin’s up-and-coming talent along 6th Street. After drastic restoration took place in an effort by the National Register of Historic Places to save the area from its grungy reputation, this area became the hub of Austin’s music scene in the 1970s. Today, 6th Street, between Lavaca Ave and I-35, buzzes with activity from surrounding shops, restaurants, bars and yes, live-music joints such as Emo’s.

Go River Tubing

Cruise down the river on a tube while you enjoy drinks and get the adrenaline pumping! One of the area’s favorite summer outdoor activities – river tubing with ATXcursions is the most convenient way to float: transportation to and from downtown Austin. You can book it online as well. The prices for tubes, coolers, and ice are included in the same package.

Austin Eats Food Tour

Both locals and visitors enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at some of Austin’s best restaurants. One of the most popular ones is the Eastside option. It takes you to several awesome food trailers, some great brick and mortar restaurants, and a brewery. They offer walking, van, and even electronic bike tours.

So what are you waiting for? This wonderful place beckons you for a holiday – start planning right away in order to book the tickets as soon as possible.

Valerie Day

The Refreshing Voice that Gets You Every Time

The American pop and jazz singer, Valerie Day is a perfect example of rare talent and dedication. She made her debut in the 80’s with the dance band Nu Shooz, founded by her and her husband John Smith. Since then, she has performed with a number of renowned artists such as pianist Tom Grant, guitarist Dan Balmer, pianist Darrell Grant, celebrated jazz artist David Frishberg, and many others.

Early days for her

She is a highly skilled percussionist and advocates arts education with passion that is truly commendable. Her voice has both modern and traditional notes that leave you wanting more, every time she performs. The NU Shooz performances garnered mixed reactions, although the couple was praised due to giving R & B a facelift. Seattle Times carried a review that her wholesome image was tough and feminine, and her dancing and conga playing was also great, but there was a problem with the over use of a particular vocal hook. It said she was too focused in being the star of the group.


Other notable works

For 4 years, from 2010 to 2014, she taught Contemporary/Jazz Voice as an adjunct professor at Portland State University. Valerie also created a show called Brain Chemistry for Lovers with Darell Grant. It incorporated cabaret, concert, and science lecture to create a unique way to explore one of the best human experiences, Romantic Love, by utilizing music, film and the latest discoveries in the world of neuroscience. Needless to say the idea is unconventional, yet intriguing.

What is Valerie Day up to now?

Valerie’s goal is to be a better musician, improviser, and performer. Despite her accomplishments, she believes there is a lot more to learn from music, which makes life beautiful and interesting. She considers herself to be lucky because she got to play and perform with some incredible jazz musicians and looks forward to making more records with them. As of now, Valerie and John are busy in their respective careers, while their son Malcolm seems to be following in their footsteps. The proud parents are gushing about him every chance they get, and he is said to be extremely talented too, which is hardly a surprise considering who his parents are.

The next time Valerie Day performs anywhere near you, please don’t miss out on hearing her. For more information, you can keep tabs on her upcoming shows and concerts by clicking here. Thus you can get tickets well in advance, whenever there is a notification.



Skinny Puppy Sues US Government for Using Music to Torture Prisoners

Music Should be Used Correctly

Music is for soothing the soul, lifting moods when you are depressed, invoke a sense of happiness, and much more. It is a beautiful art form, which is used for the betterment of society in general. However, Skinny Puppy, a Canadian electro-industrial band, got the biggest shock of their lives when they learned about a disgusting truth as to the ugly games going on behind bars at Guantánamo Bay.

Simply speechless…

The incident took place in 2014, and the band had absolutely no idea that the US military was using their music to torture prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay. The band members were horrified that their songs and tunes were being utilized in this gruesome manner. What further infuriated them was that the music was being used without their consent. A whopping fine comprising thousands of dollars was imposed by Skinny Puppy on America’s Defense Department.

Music being used incorrectly

However, the band said the amount wasn’t a fine, but an invoice of their musical services, which were forcibly used without seeking proper permissions. The band firmly believes it is within their right to claim royalties, especially since the music was being exploited as a weapon that shamed Skinny Puppy’s music big time. Keyboardist Cevin Key was outraged and saddened at the same time that instead of using music to cheer up prisoners it was being applied to inflict pain, damage, and suffering on people. The matter was brought to their attention by a guard who worked at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp enclosure. He was extremely angry by the techniques used here. Initially, the Vancouver-born band had wanted to use their new album cover as an invoice to the Pentagon, but now they have supposedly sent a neatly drafted paper document to the government officials. If things work out in their favor, they might be considering a lawsuit too. But then again they don’t want to be seen as claiming financial compensation or earning money this way. Key said the band was always making unconventional music, and he knew it might be used for different purposes, but not as sonic punishment for Gitmo’s detainees. The band members feel it isn’t right even if their music is somewhat unsettling.

But we can guarantee you won’t get tortured with their music – not only will you enjoy the show, but it will also be a worthwhile experience to remember.

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