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Sorry Atheists—the Case for Believing is Far More Logical

Since the dawn of time, humans have contemplated our purpose and our Creator.  A strain of nonbelievers (atheists) has been embedded with every passing society but has been growing in our current society with greater vigor and conviction as the more enlightened ones who are the true proprietors of science, knowledge, and keys to our future progress.  So let these writings here be a bulwark to nonbelievers and a proponent to believers in God as the much more rational, enlightened, and sound pathway to pursue for individuals and societies. ToRead More

Disney on Ice Presents: Frozen – Live in your Home Town!


Get “Frozen” to Glory If you want to treat your kids to the entertainment of a lifetime, then Disney On Ice’s Frozen should definitely be on your list. In fact, it is a perfect time to take a trip down memory lane, back to your childhood when you couldn’t wait for Disney cartoons to play on TV or be on your best behavior in order to get the next Disney book as a birthday present! What can you expect from a live production of ‘Frozen’? The film has managed to gainRead More

The Improvised Shakespeare Company | Chicago ( iO Theater )

Improvised Shakespeare Company

Improvisation Paves the Way Have you heard of the renowned Improvised Shakespeare Company (ISC)? If you are yet to learn about them or haven’t had the chance to witness a performance, you’ll want to snatch up the opportunity to see them at the iO Theater in Chicago! The ISC completes over a decade in 2017, and each show has received loads of accolades and praise from both audiences and critics. About ISC The quality of entertainment at The iO Theater is just like wine, which keeps getting better with every show.Read More

Lewis Black

Lewis Black

When Black is White It is said that a great comedian doesn’t say lines that are funny, but turns lines into funny. At times it’s blatantly obvious that the jokes, innuendos, or one-liners aren’t that laughable or you have heard of them before, and yet the audience is roaring with laughter. It’s all about delivery! How the comedian spits out his material is what introduces the element of comedy – his body language, expressions, hand gestures, style of delivery, etc. is what really counts. Black’s trademarks,  Lewis Niles Black, famouslyRead More

A Day Out With Thomas Is coming to your Town!

Day Out With Thomas

Thomas the Tank Engine Welcomes You Aboard Are your children huge fans of Thomas the Tank Engine? Here’s the chance for you to arrange a face-to-face meeting for them! “Day Out With Thomas”, brought to you by HIT Entertainment, allows kids and their families to spend an entire day with their favorite character and his friends to know exciting stuff about railways, engines, railroading, and much more. Ready for an exhilarating journey with Thomas? Day Out With Thomas is an ideal family event, as it is equally enjoyable for bothRead More

Hamilton The Musical

Hamilton the Musical

Ever since Hamilton the Musical hit New York’s Public Theater, it has become a huge hit. A sold-out off-Broadway run certainly indicates good times for this hip-hop influenced musical about Alexander Hamilton. Already popular… Lin-Manuel Miranda who plays Hamilton has also written and composed this show, and he has based his work on the biography of the founding father by Ron Chernow. For a musical to have generated this amount of buzz within the industry and public is no mean feat. The workshops put on by this show had attendeesRead More

Wicked | Wizard of Oz Musical

Wicked the Musical

A Deliciously Wicked Tale Growing up, most of us have read, the “Wizard of Oz”. We have all been entranced by Dorothy and her adventures, and I bet some of you wore out the book! Although many of us wanted to be friend and confidant to Dorothy, a few weren’t as sympathetic, especially after the 1939 movie was released. The film was a success, but the Munchkins were said to be OTT ghastly, while the Good Witch could give diabetes with her sweetness.   Setting the backdrop These elements slightlyRead More

STOMP | Orpheum Theatre (New York)


STOMP out a Tune! The best part of STOMP is that it can be watched by all – kids, teens, adults, elderly people – there is some element that appeals to each age group. It doesn’t have words and the musical is ironically not structured on melody, but chooses to focus on rhythm instead. Irrespective of your taste in music, STOMP at the Orpheum Theatre, New York, shouldn’t be missed out!   How did STOMP originate? The spectacle consists of an extraordinary amalgamation of percussion, movement and visual comedy, which datesRead More

Terry Fator | The Terry Fator Theatre @Mirage Hotel Casino (Las Vegas)

Talent Comes in Many Forms… “America’s Got Talent” has never been the same since Terry Fator won the competition in 2007 with his feat involving puppets. His win opened up new doors and opportunities for budding performers and gave a fresh lease to the industry of puppetry, which was slowly sinking into oblivion. Many have labeled his performance to be a “marriage made in Sesame Street heaven” as he has succeeded in putting the “fun” back in puppetry! How does he do it? Who would have thought about a popularRead More

Jeff Civillico | Comedy in Action @ Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Comedy, Action & Wit – a Brilliant Combination Indeed! Las Vegas has always been depicted to be a hub for adult entertainment starting from strip shows and lap dances to comedy performances with risqué humor. But the scenario has undergone a drastic change these days with numerous performers developing acts suitable for both kids and adults. Jeff Civillico, performing at Bugsy’s Cabaret at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas falls under that category. Jeff Civillico at his best! His show contains all-round entertainment involving physical comedy, power-packed stunts,Read More