The Hangout Music Festival is an annual three-day music festival held at the Gulf Shore beaches. The festival is produced by Sean O’Connell in partnership with Goldenvoice. Being involved in Hangout since its inception, O’Connell became the director of the festival in 2013. It is the first major music festival to be held on the beach in Gulf Shores and generally takes place on the third weekend in May.

The Hangout Music Festival was founded in November 2009 by A.J. Niland, Shaul, and Lilly Zislin- the proprietor of the festival’s namesake restaurant ‘The Hangout’. The festival received approval from the Gulf Shores city council in December 2009 as well as a permit to perform an hour later than normally allowed under city noise laws.

Hangout Fest features many genres of music including rock, indie, hip hop, alternative, electronic dance music, etc. The festival boasts stages such as Hangout stage, Surf stage, Boom Boom Tent, and more. The festival has been nominated multiple times for “The Festival of the Year” at the concert industry’s Pollstar Award as well as the IEBA Awards and won the Pollstar Award in 2012.

The Hangout Festival welcomes those 18 and over with 3-day wristbands subject to In/Out privileges. The lineup and the schedule of events are subject to change. Enjoy the Hangout Fest, rain or sun from May 17th -19th, 2019, at the Gulf Shores beach in Alabama.

Neighborhood Playgarden’s 13th Annual May Fair!

Neighborhood Playgarden's 13th Annual May Fair

The Neighborhood Playgarden invites you to its’ 13th Annual May Fair to celebrate spring with great fun. Seize the opportunity to meet teachers and families and learn about the philosophy behind the establishment of the Neighborhood Playgarden.

The NPG’s 13th annual May Fair will be held at Pastorino’s flower farm in Half Moon Bay. Indulge into the various acts organized for children such as face painting, meeting animals in the petting zoo, miniature train rides and many more. You can purchase the snacks from the taco truck at the fair or alternatively bring your own picnics. But do not miss the special homemade strawberry shortcake for sale!

The event is co-hosted by Neighborhood Playgarden and Meadowlark Music Class with an entry fee of $50 per family which includes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. The special part of this event is the music and kids will have unlimited access to all the activities including pony rides, hay rides, tractor rides, and art projects.

The fair is accompanied by Noe Venable of Meadowlark Music Class for May pole dancing and leading the whole community in singing to welcome Spring. Also, Mike “The SF Bubble Guy” will amaze the audience with his creations.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn about our community. Register for the event on May 19, 2019, at The Pastorino Farms, Half Moon Bay, California.

SOLO- South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop

South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop

South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop (SOLO) is a unique event that brings professional, aspiring and local writers together to be inspired by each other as well as collaborate, create and mentor together. They will then debut their creations over the next two days of the festival. It is an intimate and creative songwriting process with a public-facing festival.

The goal of SOLO is not only bring writers together to collaborate, but to also find inspiration from the rich, soulful and authentic vibe of South Louisiana. Lafayette is known not only for its heritage but also for its inherited musical talent, engineers, and studios capable of inspiring and creating relevant music.

Have an intimate and enchanting evening with Nick Lowe as the opening program on May 22nd, 2019. It is a night not to be missed as Nick is one of the most prolific songwriters of the era.

SOLO will feature top local, national, and international writers, as well as those who participated in the workshop. Writers will debut their songs and the artists will perform individually with their collaborators.

Plan your visit to see the festival in the happiest city of America and be a part of South Louisiana Songwriters Festival.

The Awesome Art of Theatre!

We always dive in the bay where the world is diving, and never have the courage to go for something that is not so obvious and a lot more different. In earlier times, the theatre was not as popular as the cinema, and there were not many artists who took theatre as their profession.

The art of theatre is beautiful and mesmerizing. What does theatre mean to you? Is it something traditional? Or is it a spectacle? Theatre is something which relates to a story and characters and does not take place in traditional buildings.

Theatre events are a form of fine art that use live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined characters before a live audience. Many of us are fascinated by theatre and it’s easy to understand why because the experience in its’ entirety is such a memorable and touching event. And there is no denying the fact that theatre has a place in many people’s hearts for which people try to connect with their fans and artists.

A theatre is also a great opportunity to see and meet some of your favorite artists in person, and seeing them live and up close can be a wonderful experience. You can easily track your favorite artists, and shows on Eventsfy, which is a large portal providing information on live art events, including comedy shows, theatre shows and music events etc.

Theatre can be a great and fun way to spend quality time with friends and family. Getting a chance to experience theatre events is something that shouldn’t be missed. The dynamic feeling of a live performance with the theatre charm and ambiance and including live performers isn’t available at cinemas.

One should always plan and book tickets in advance to get the seats of your choice. It’s a place where great stories are brought to life- whether through singing, dancing or a acting delivered by a well-rehearsed cast. Theatre events can also be great gifts to loved ones.

Flora Cash @Neptune Theatre

Flora Cash

Swedish-American husband and wife indie pop duo Flora Cash opened at Neptune Theatre last week in Seattle. The members discovered each others’ music on Soundcloud 6 years ago while living on opposite sides of the earth. They have yet to reveal the meaning of their catchy band name.

Their music which brought them together turned into a hit single (top 10 on the charts) ‘You’re Somebody Else’ and a sold out show. Their onstage chemistry captivated the audience. Watch their Neptune performance below.

Flora Cash @ Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband @ Seattle Neptune Theatre


LA based indie pop band lovelytheband performed at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre on April 20th, AKA ‘weed’s’ birthday – so the lead singer declared, and went on to sing a birthday song. The night was monumental for the trio as it was their first ever sold-out headliner show. Lead vocalist Mitchy Collins engaged with the crowd throughout the night and was more charismatic than one might originally assume.

Watch and feel the packed crowd’s energy and admiration at the Neptune as the band performs ‘Make You Feel Pretty’ below:

Lovelytheband @Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband is most noted for their smash hit single ‘Broken’ – a song about loneliness in our populated world.
“I like that you’re broken, broken like me/ Maybe that makes me a fool/ I like that you’re lonely, lonely like me/ I could be lonely with you.”

Broken Video

Lovelytheband’s music brings light to issues that so many can relate to such as depression and anxiety – which the band members have all said they too have each experienced.

In most recent news, Lovelytheband released ‘Maybe, I’m Afraid’ Video which raises awareness about LGBTQ discrimnation.

More tour dates which are likely to sell out can be found here:

LovelyTheBand Upcoming Events


Frozen- The Broadway Musical

Disney’s FROZEN is a rich educational experience designed for students, fans, teachers, and guests to deeply engage with Frozen- The Broadway Musical. Following the timeless tale of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, Disney’s FROZEN is one of the most popular and highest grossing animated film of all times. The stage is backed by sensational special effects, incredible sets, costumes, and unforgettable performances displaying the two women on their journey to find themselves who have been torn apart by a big family secret.

The show has been penned down by a husband and wife team, Academy Award winner Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Tony Award and Oscar winner Robert Lopez including 12 all-new tunes written just for Broadway. This Disney production is a must see especially for any Broadway fan as it broke the box office records during its opening week at the St. James Theatre in New York.

Frozen- The Broadway Musical is not advised for children aged under 4 but is recommended for ages 8 and above. Presenting a spectacular stage production: one woman struggles to find her voice while the other sets on an adventure to bring her family all together.

Join the two women on their enchanting journey on May 01, 2019, at St. James Theatre, New York.

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Merry New Year from!

*Image: Frank McKenna – Unsplash

Merry New Year!  That was fast—2018 has Ended and 2019 has Begun!  With every Ending, we arrive at a new Beginning.  And “a good Beginning makes a good End,” (English Proverb). Every new year becomes a moment for us to reflect on last year’s journey and project on the new journey we will embark upon—after all, it is about the journey and not the destination.  Have you done your reflections and projections?  Those who hope are those who change the world.  “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” (Walt Disney).  Thoughts reap actions and a plan anchors our thoughts. 

We do reap what we sow.  Every action has an equal reaction.  Each of our lives is delicately woven together from each cause to each effect—like a river.  Beginning to take more accountability moves us from being the effect to becoming the cause of our lives.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why we call it the present,” (Bill Keane).  Time is precious.  The present is only a split second of TimeTime really is but a measurement of Change.  And with every passing year, Time seems to go by more quickly—perhaps because each additional year is a smaller portion of our lives.  When we were five, one year was 1/5th of our entire lives!  Now, one year is a much smaller fraction of our lives—we shall not go into specifics with how much smaller…

So: Be purposeful as you embark upon the new year.  Be thankful and merry for “a merry heart is like good medicine,” (Proverbs).  You are the pilot of your life.  May 2019 be fruitful and merry for you, your family and friends.  Sow those good seeds, water them, and reap their fruits.