Aladdin’s World – the Musical on tour

AladdinEmbark on a Journey to Aladdin’s World

Even though we hear the story of Aladdin during childhood, it remains fresh even after growing up, because this simple, yet fascinating tale of a street boy, princess, and Genie creates a permanent impression in our minds. And why not? We never really stop dreaming about the Magic Lamp that could make our troubles disappear in a jiffy thanks to the ever-friendly Genie! These alluring characters and the vivid representations were largely response for making 1992 movie of the same name a huge success.

Why audiences love it
The Middle-Eastern theme of Aladdin has greatly appealed to audiences and has been aptly presented by using vibrant colors and distinctive choreography styles, which is the outcome of the hard work by Tony Award-winning director-choreographer Casey Nicholaw. He has also included certain songs and characters in this production that didn’t make it to the final cut in the movie. The music and lyrics by Alan Menken, and the late Howard Ashman & Tim Rice respectively, is excellent for lack of a better word.

The two-act production has been touted to be fresh and exciting, which takes the audience through Aladdin’s journey and allows them to experience adventure and romance with some comedy thrown in. The musical is quite popular, so it is best to book tickets now without further delay!

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Events Near You

The Fantastiks | Snapple Theater (New York)

A “Fantasticks” Spectacle Indeed

When a show moves into the 20,000 performance range, there is no doubt regarding its popularity and acceptance. It truly becomes a legend, like The Fantasticks, which is the world’s longest running musical and even if you are not much of a theatre person, missing a live performance of this caliber is a crime!


The simplistic backdrops
The USP of the show is its “old wine in a new bottle” format of boy meets girl with a fresh style of storytelling. The Narrator and other cast speak to the audience directly throughout the duration of the play. The small, simple stage with a bench, a chair, a trunk and a sheet displaying logo of the show, makes up the entire setting. Pierce Cravens is amazing as the Mute and wall that fills up all visual voids. The music is great, especially the customary “Try to Remember” and “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” by Harvey Schmidt. The two-member orchestra with Robert Felstein at the piano and Maria Banks at the harp do a great job as well.


Captivating performances
The present cast comprises 8 members with MacIntyre Dixon, turning in a brilliant performance as The Old Actor with his charm and persona that combines traits of being world weary and flamboyant at the same time. The Man Who Dies, whose forte lies in faking deaths using create methods has excellent timing, which is augmented by his spontaneous personality – Michael Nostrand more than does justice to his role.

Talent galore
The crafty co-conspirators, the two fathers – Don Sharkey and Kevin R. Free, have powerful chemistry, which can be experienced first-hand on the stage. Their duets deserve a special mention as they are infused with modern musical comedy finesse and vaudevillian style. Michael Sharon as the Narrator bewitches with his dimple grin and cunning mannerisms. As for the protagonists, The Boy and The Girl played by Max Crumm and Samantha Bruce respectively set the stage on fire with their romance and witty comedy. Bruce’s sincerity shines through, as does her wonderful voice, while Crum has an off-handed, low-key delivery and a nice singing voice. Overall, you root for these characters, even though you are already aware of how their story concludes.

The musical does have its off moments when its mysticism becomes slightly self-aware, but this can be attributed to the show being conceptualized in the early 60s, when everything was drastically different. Nevertheless, you should definitely watch this iconic show at the Snapple Theatre in New York.

Thoroughly Modern Millie | The Taylor Performing Arts Center (Monrovia)

Journey Back to the 1920s!

The concept of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” took root as an Academy Award-winning movie in 1967, which was penned by Richard Morris with Julie Andrews & Mary Tyler Moore as ingénues. It was later revised for the stage, more than ten years back, by Mr. Morris and Dick Scanlan, and there were some additions to the score by Jeanine Tesori. It has been extremely popular on Broadway ever since it made its debut in 2002 with Sutton Foster in the title role, who received numerous accolades including six Tony awards.

The backdrops…
The Taylor Performing Arts Center in Monrovia is all set to host the Paper Mill Playhouse’s new production – “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in July, which has garnered enormous praise on its previous tours. The set design by Michael Schweikardt has been specifically mentioned as resembling art deco style paintings, which heightens the beauty and charisma of the Big Apple. Pastel colors have been used in impressionistic shapes to depict the Manhattan skyline. Since the story is based in the 1920s, the costumes have been fashioned accordingly.


A gist of what you can expect!
The lead role of Millie Dillmount is perfectly essayed by Laurie Veldheer, who brings a refreshing honesty to the character. The story picks up from the time when Millie arrives in New York from Salina, Kansas, in search for new adventures and experiences. She checks into the Priscilla Hotel for Women in Manhattan and lands a job at the Secure Trust Insurance. Her boss is the handsome, attractive Trevor Graydon, played by Burke Moses, who values her skills, but doesn’t really consider her to be dating material. There is a hint of a love triangle with Jimmy Smith, portrayed by Jeff Kready, who doesn’t takes jobs seriously and moves on when he is bored. It is not just romance though – the story has its share of drama and crime, with the suspicious hotel owner Mrs. Meers and occupants disappearing without explanations. Millie’s best friend, the orphaned Miss Dorothy Brown might fall prey to Mrs. Meer’s technique of inviting hotel guests who have no family, into her back room for tea – watch to find out the rest.

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” shines due to its music, especially the foot tapping title track. Dennis Jones has done an amazing job with the dance moves and the direction by Mark S. Hoebee is just fantastic. Overall, the ensemble performs well – both leads and supporting characters, which is why you should book the tickets right away.